About Us

DigiNana is a new indie game development company with a goal to make not just good games but great games!

Currently We are hard at work making our first official project.

We are an international team from the get go, but mostly we work and hang out in Latvia, Riga.

For more information about us and our games check down below

Our Games

Coming Soon

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Snorkel is a low-poly arcade type platformer

It is about Snorkel - a pigman chef that worked hard to get to the top.

Being the very best chef has led to him having an irrational fear of being criticized.

One day his trusty cat waiter Alfredo came to him with a message about a client that wishes to speak to him.

Is it a good message or a bad one?

Bright flash...

Suddenly he awakes on a platform. What will Snorkel do?

This is a prototype game we made in 18 days for the Latvian competition

Our Team

Lead game designer

Armands Oinass

Lead coder

Gints Apalis

Lead artist

Jānis Lucaus

2D artist

Şira Dila Tuncer


Level designer

Vitālijs Sačivko

3D/2D artist

Edvards Jašins