About Us

DigiNana is a new indie game development company, that consist of young bright minds with a vision to revolutionize the game industry.

Currently We are hard at work making games that we think you will enjoy!

We are a team of 6 and are proud to be international from the start, 5 of us live here in Latvia, but our very talented architect of time lives in Turkey. Our first project "Snorkel" won a Latvian local competition called BRSD(Beidz runāt, sāc darīt) 6 securing us a spot in indie prize which is held at Casual Connect Kyiv 2017 granting us an opportunity to showcase our work and meet new people.

For more information about us and our games check down below

Our Games

Snorkel Master Chef

We are happy to announce that after being absent for quite some time (space hibernation). Two months of hard work have paid off and we are ready to present the first concept level of our upcoming game Snorkel Master Chef. It is a successor to our first project Snorkel and a prequel at the same time. We will be showcasing the game at Casual Connect Kyiv 2017

Check out the demo at gamejolt


Snorkel is a low-poly arcade type platformer, best played on Android but is available on Windows and Linux too

It is about Snorkel - a pigman chef that worked hard to get to the top.

Being the very best chef has led to him having an irrational fear of being criticized.

One day his trusty cat waiter Alfredo came to him with a message about a client that wishes to speak to him.

Is it a good message or a bad one?

Bright flash...

Suddenly he awakes on a platform. What will Snorkel do?

This is a prototype game we made in 18 days for the Latvian competition BRSD 6. At the competition, it placed first winning us a place at casual connect. You can download the game using the links bellow.

Snorkel prototype gamejolt

Snorkel prototype itch.io

The Adventures of Lost Items

A short point and click adventure game about lost items and where did they go. It is a concept type prototype we made for AdventureJam2017

If you are interested in trying it out you can get it at the Avdventure of Lost items gamejolt page

Coming Soon!

A great announcement to follow!

Our Team


Armands Oinass

Constructor of the Void

Vitālijs Sačivko

Master of Apocalypse code

Gints Apalis

Magic Mushroom Man

Edvards Jašins


The Pencil of Doom

Jānis Lucaus


Architect of Time

Şira Dila Tuncer